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Lash Lift - Balwyn

Looking for a lash lift? Contact SAVING FACE.

We are based in Balwyn and provide lip, eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing.

Breathtaking Eyelashes

A lash lift allows everyone to have gorgeous eyelashes and is the fastest way to brighten and lift your face. Believe it or not, a lash lift will make your eyelashes look longer and your eyes appear bigger than they naturally do.

Wake up every morning with long and beautiful lashes with the help of SAVING FACE. We offer a beauty treatment that will transform your eyelashes and make them appear longer and curled.

Life is good when your lashes are on point!

"My lashes look longer, thicker and healthier"
Sara – Ormond

Lash Lift Canterbury Eastern Suburbs Melbourne Melbourne
Lash Lift Canterbury Eastern Suburbs Melbourne Melbourne

Lash Lift

Say goodbye to mascara! SAVING FACE offers lash lift services that will make your lashes look luscious and long. No more smudges, eye infections or standing in front of the mirror doing makeup. 

A lash lift is a hassle-free and money-saving procedure that provides a great alternative to lash extensions by straightening your natural lashes to create a mascara-style effect.

No more spending on costly eyelash products! Set aside 40 minutes to visit us, and enjoy beautiful lashes for 8–10 weeks.

Say goodbye to mascara!


What sets us apart? :

  • Many years of experience
  • Customer guarantee satisfaction
  • Wide range of personalised beauty treatments
  • Professional service

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