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Paramedical Tattoo - Balwyn


Paramedical tattooing is the use of micropigmentation to disguise, cover and recolour skin imperfections. 

Pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin to give a finishing touch to surgical procedures, camouflage scars and burns, and recolour nipples and areolas after breast reconstruction. Medical conditions such as Alopecia can also benefit from paramedical tattooing. 

Micropigmentation has the ability to break up scar tissue and colour match it to your natural skin colour.

Scar Camouflage

Scars and skin imperfections can be camouflaged using paramedical cosmetic tattooing. Micropigmentation’s ability to break up scar tissue and colour match your natural skin tone will improve your appearance and give you renewed confidence. The skin coloured pigment is implanted within the dermis in a safe and sterile environment by our highly trained expert. 

Scar camouflage provides a finishing touch to surgical procedures, scars, burns and other injuries. 

Permanent cosmetics can disguise scars and discolourations from cleft palates, birthmarks, non-pigmented age spots, and cosmetic surgeries like face lifts and tummy tucks.

Areola and Nipple Restoration 

Permanent makeup can be used to fashion a more natural look after breast reconstruction surgery by creating the illusion of a lifelike areola and nipples. Colour and circle definition in fading or irregular areolas can also be corrected to create a more natural-looking breast. For women who have undergone mastectomies or who may have irregular or fading areolas, this complex micropigmentation and nipple restoration is a breakthrough! 

Scalp Micropigmentation 

Scalp micropigmentation creates the look of shaved or short hairs coming through the scalp by strategically placing pigments in areas where there is no hair growth.

It is a cost-effective and permanent solution that disguises balding and thinning as it doesn’t require any medication or significant maintenance. This treatment for hair loss requires 2–3 sessions where pigment is carefully placed into the scalp to create the look of a hair follicle that is breaking through. This allows those who don't have any hair to get the look of a shaved hairstyle while those who have thin hair gain the advantage of removing the contrast between hair and scalp, making the hair look thicker and denser.

The time for each session depends on the size of the area that is to be treated.

Scalp micropigmentation looks completely natural and can be applied in areas of baldness, thinning hair and scar tissue. 

The procedure has no real healing time and is permanent, but will fade over time.